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I like mail. Feel free to send me some.


3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hey, you, I’ve missed your writing like mad! It was a slow-go getting me over to WordPress from dA but it helps having your stuff show up in my Reader. I hope life is treating ya alright!

    • Hey hey ‘sup, Fuzzy? How’s it been? Hope you’ve been writing still, though. Missed seeing your work too. I’ll have to keep and eye open if you’re moving some more stuff over!

    • Yeah, I’m def still writing. I’m mostly just shifting the published stuff over but I’m trying to get more active over here, so maybe more soon. Time is such a beast, haha. When I get over the holiday spell at work, I’m gonna be a WordPress monster. 😀

      Happy Holler-days, friend!

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