Things I like to pretend are poetry.

 Writers are Alcoholics  Last Call
Numb Rainbeats
Three Bucks out of Luck Brown Eyes
Untitled B-Side the Fire
Tumble Dry Shadow
Automaton Angel with the Robotic Arms
ruMble junglE HISS THIS
heart palpitations Dead Bed Head
Busting Eardrums Lucky Bird
Blink This Dangling Modify This, You Witch
Bayoneting Sustenance Vomitus
Shuffle and Replay Intimidate-shun
EXHAUSTion Call Me Skeptical, But…
Crack Caffeine Miss You ForthisEver
Desolate ElectriCITY Pop’t
Tiffany Blue Rage
Fuckaduck Toilet Paper
thrift store holes shitcakes for breakfast
One, Two, Buckle in my Knees and fall RockybumCoast
Interior Decorating 360Infinity
Greek God PONGO
Mulligan! Transparent
Beams Secret
Yoshino Blossoms Peddling into Hurricanes
monsteROAR it’s a metaphor,metaletitpour
Rush Hour Fire Power
Scattershots from the Clouds Stardust
Free Fall Back Door Theology in a Whiskey Glass
Between the Words and Under the Bed Haircut
Day-Glo Flow Skitzacaine
Clear-Cutting without New Growth Scriveners
Never Ever Forever Autobiomaniacal
White Evergreen Flicker
Red the West Flipphantomskip
Made of Clay God’s Country
Blacklagoonadoom Le Papillon Noir
Goodbye Saigon Homeless Homonym
On the Burning Away Knickamickarickatee
Building El Dorado out of Paper Winter in My Hemisphere
411 Made for Nomads
Rhodedendronneverendon Automatic Rocking Horse
JUNK-A-TRUNK Great Big Fish Bowl
White Red Refuse  Burnt Socks
Forty-Five Minutes  Inner-Stellar

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