Making Pompous Grammarians Mad with the Singular “They”

The impressive collection of nick-knacks and alcohol behind this bar I happened to find myself at one evening.

By J.C.D. Kerwin

The Kid gets in moods, sometimes. Sometimes The Kid gets in moods in which they talk of politics or society, or they think of Yesterday and all the things they never did or shouldn’t have done. Sometimes they pretend they smoke cigarettes and make-believe they can see the smog dance around their face. Sometimes The Kid drinks Manhattans or Jack-and-Cokes and wonders if they’ll be drunk enough to become the kind of writer who can make monsters out of lampshades in the corner, instead of letting monsters become them when they’re not paying attention. Sometimes The Kid pretends they are invisible; sometimes The Kid pretends they are not pretending.

Aug., 2012