coffee and rain by ozlm on Flickr

JCD Kerwin

the image
of a cup of java
a hint of vanilla,
and steaming in just
the right
kind of swirls)
might seem
rather cliché,
but it’s the best way
i spend an afternoon,
hidden deep
in couch cushions,
and tapping my foot
to Frank Wes
and Miles Davis.

the water droplets
on my windowpanes
nothing cliché
about jazz rain.

(April, 2014)

Davis saves

Because it’s one of those days months, and jazz makes me think I’m not really here at all, like maybe I’m somewhere else, smoking cigarettes and listening to beat poetry at 1 a.m., or slopping my way through rain puddles to some brownstone where M is waiting with a smile, probably having just escaped their own demons…

or something.