The Gold City

For M…It’s been a tough weekend.

Building El Dorado Out of Paper
JCD Kerwin

My heart beats blue.
Colors from your eyes
turn my world into a Ferris wheel,
a topsy-turvy circle made of truth.

Near a barn in the country,
by a tire swing in trees,
I first picked up battle sticks
for you.
(Heard your voice in the wind:
years in the future where
someday I’d see your face,
and kiss your lips on a beach
near Pacific greenish-blue.)

History was written in the sand
for me and you.
We made Atlantis in the ocean
with a hundred broken seashells
we thought were magic in our hands.

With words I’ll freeze time just for you…
I’ll write every sentence just for you…
Make my pen into a sword just for you…

Burning stories turn to gold
just for you.

Nov., 2012


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