Being Artsy

Day-Glo Flow
JCD Kerwin

I beat myself with brushes ’til
watercolor splashes from
my ears, and my hair
drips with the colors of
some acrylic pigment
I never knew existed.

I stare at canvases
until my heart beats a red
I saw once upon a time
in Nat Geo photographs
of a sunset Nevada Babylon.

My dreams are black and white,
but sometimes dots of color
fall across the page:
sunspots on the movie frame
of my Bladerunner landscape;
reflecting a never-ending,
water-techno-color sky.

I’ll reminisce and catch my breath
’til I paint the clouds at Dawn,
and fade into nothingness at Noon.

Or, maybe I’ll fall into the river,
mix into those liquid, color lines,
and that old, used-up turpentine…

Or, maybe I’ll wake up and find
it’s all just a boring tube of white.

(April, 2012)


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