Blink This

Not particularly well-written, but the idea still delights me.

Blink This
JCD Kerwin

I often dream
about the so-called
“Rise of Machines.”
I picture blenders
and ice machines
flinging food at passersby.

I imagine
the computer reaching,
wrapping chords
around my knees.

I bet the coffee pot
has got
some built-up steam
toward all us
impatient, cranky beings.

I confess I adore
the image of
automatic doors
sounding like Hal.

In any case,
I sort of wish
these robots would
amass and attack.
It’d sure explain
why everything I own
runs like shit.

(Sept. 2014)


Dangling Modify This, You Witch

See what I did there?

Dangling Modify This, You Witch
JCD Kerwin

If you haven’t a clue
how to do
my job,
then don’t pretend
my occupation
is a waste of your
It makes you look
like an arrogant fool
(and frankly,
an asshole).
It also puts me
in the annoying position
of having to dig
through your mountain of bull
with only a

(Sept. 2014)