JCD Kerwin

We are molded and painted,
stiffened in Oblivion,
pretending we are beautiful,
that it’s somehow worth
all the scraps and chips.
Until finally, we become
porcelain dust
behind the frame.

I’ll be the prettiest corpse in the snow globe.

(April, 2014)

Queens in Ice Castles

White Evergreen
JCD Kerwin

Where we were,
it must have been winter.

It smelled like ice
and tasted like an apparition
of Frosty the Fucking Snowman.

I think you made
glowing icicles stick
across my skin with
your Shangri-la blue lips.

(Ice Queen of my dreamscape.)

I believe it was
some frosty world
made of see-through castles
and beds of mammoth furs.

(You gave me instant hypothermia.)

Where we were was ever white
and never ending;
where we were was a wasteland
of pine needle green.

Where we were was just a dream,
just a dream,
just a white evergreen;
just a damned snow globe of memories.

Now you’re just…
a plastic, painted ballerina
forever spinning to Für Elise.

(August, 2012)