“Push Tha Button” by Samurai_PET (deviantART)

JCD Kerwin

I will strap dynamite to my chest,
whisper numbers
from my lips,
and push the button.

I will have explored
every inch
of this waiting world.

(September, 2013)

….Get it?

City of Angels

“City of Angels-City of Light” by M Bleichner (acrylic)

El-ay, El-ay
JCD Kerwin

I want Hollywood and a high-rise,
palm trees and SoCal skies.
Wish I could slam beats
into sand
and scream songs
with my eyes closed.
I want the glitter and glam
of rock stars
I wish that I could be.

Wanna walk down streets
reciting poems,
and write stories
in cabanas,
sipping coffee without a coat.
Wish I could stare at stars,
and talk all night with friends
in Santa Barbara bars.
I want to skip across the water,
and tightrope the suspension
of the San Francisco bridge.
Wish I could run across
the country,
leave the mirror behind
and never buy another

(Dec. 2010, rev. Aug. 2013)

About this…I’m not saying I want to up and leave to California.

This is about the fact I have, and have always had, a “travel bug” in me. Ever since I was a kid. I think a lot of writers do. Kinda goes back to the fact we’re all dreamers. I’m an explorer. Always wanted to see and do everything I could. Explore the world…Fight monsters…Slay dragons…All that.

You know what I mean.