Barefoot Wednesday Poetry

Never Ever Forever
JCD Kerwin

I’ll run barefoot
through the jungles
and in between
the catacombs lost to places
Man will never go again.

I’ll smile like the natives
painted blue and red—
the colors of the blood
dripping from my feet.
But I won’t give a damn,
and I’ll just laugh harder
when my shins begin to crack.

Because I won’t pretend
I’m an iron man
made of adamantium,
or a super man worth damn.

Surrounded by shadows and trees,
lost species and relic dreams,
it’s okay to just be me.

I’d rather feel the rush
of wind against my skin,
than against wings I don’t deserve.

I’d rather run around the world
for a thousand years,
than grow feathers from my back
just to fall

like all the times before.

(November, 2011)