Tumble Dry

Sometimes I randomly think of things or moments from the past. Sometimes they’re too vivid.

The City: Laundromat by Lori Nix

The City: Laundromat by Lori Nix

Tumble Dry
JCD Kerwin

We met
in the back of a laundromat,
in plastic chairs
much too big for us.
You told me where your life was at,
and he was the one, in fact,
you gave it all away to.
I wasn’t mad,
and I wasn’t sad
(you thought I’d never
speak to you again),
but I will admit it hit
and made my heart
fall and clank
like quarters on the floor.
No more talks,
rainy walks,
or dreaming of
It’s okay; I’m glad
you fell in love and
went your own way.
I just wish we hadn’t left
all we had
in the back of a laundromat.
(Dec 2014)



JCD Kerwin

You stumble like
a mannequin on rollerblades.
You make
faces at the sun because
you’ve stayed in bars
until the radio turned
to static.
The tv plays
the same adverts
like you’ve taped your thumb
to the rewind
You’ve made
some progress progressing
past the point of pure depression,
you’re still a puddle
of nothing.
Maybe tomorrow you
can open up your mouth
and talk,
the far back walls
make better companions
for shadows in the dark.

(Dec 2014)