Desolate ElectriCITY

Image by Mike Olbinski

Desolate ElectriCITY
JCD Kerwin

i’m electric,
passing city lights
while they glow, and
reflect the burning
in my soul.

i feel the lightning storm
of Heaven in
the blink of your eye.

i can’t tell if
i’ve given
up my legs for wings.
the buildings flash by
like Lego blocks
from memories.

these are the Blues
of another kind,
another place,
the whispers of
some forgotten face.

it is summer, but,
despite the sun,
all i feel
is ice.
hold me while
I fade,
sparking in the night.

(Sept. 2014)


Ink Trails

Now that I read this, I’m not at all fond of it. Even after revising the thing, it is, quite frankly, shite. (But isn’t that how we always think of our stuff?)

My paper boat by Aljaz Toman (sharkowskixchaos on devaintART)

Ink trails
JCD Kerwin

We used to sleep ‘till noon on Sundays because on Saturday nights we drowned in Manhattan, drinking each other under the city moon. Just tasting you made me an alcoholic.

You missed Louisiana and crayfish. I promised to take you back to wooden bridges and hot summer days as soon as I finished chasing my dreams. You never waited. I lost you where my eyes turned violet in the dark; the place we watched the stars all night and dreamed we weren’t at all that small.

We made origami from newspapers that belonged to homeless men who died upon the streets.

I remember paper boats in the distance and laughing in the night. We never listened to voices that told us Forever might someday end.

I watched you drift away on our paper ship; I watched you sink and fade, soggy to the sea. Paper ink floated with your hair while your smile became lost among the Funnies.

Now I stand on skyscrapers, sending paper airplanes into the city-sea. I watch them sail away with every memory of you.

(Nov. 2011)