Fire Power

This is what happens when I’m the only sober person left in a bar.

…I can’t decide if it’s desperate or just plain corny.

Please ignore the silly punctuation.

Fire Power
JCD Kerwin

You are born with your eyes blazing;
a thousand summers, shining,
like fireflies in the night;
a billion supernovas gasping for a breath;
just once
upon this earth,
and then you shatter,
skip a beat,
and explode
like those lightening bugs
bursting into stardust—
a cold, August night.

(September 2013)


Neverland Seas

Seashells by Ira K

Into the Dark Sea
JCD Kerwin

Ira was a man I once knew who wore seashells in his hair. He smoked cigars until the vapors clouded around his dread-locked head, and he told once-upon-a-times to us town kids. Ira believed the stars were really fireflies. “They’re the brave ones that done flown too high. Got stuck up there and now they shine all night,” he said.

Ira was a man I knew who made a boat and sailed across the sea. “I’ll see you ‘round now,” he said to me. He was a magic man on a paper ship, off to find a neverland of our dreams. “If you are good, I’ll send for you someday.”

I watch fireflies now and wait. He left seashells on his porch. I kick them into rain puddles.

(June, 2013)