Dangling Modify This, You Witch

See what I did there?

Dangling Modify This, You Witch
JCD Kerwin

If you haven’t a clue
how to do
my job,
then don’t pretend
my occupation
is a waste of your
It makes you look
like an arrogant fool
(and frankly,
an asshole).
It also puts me
in the annoying position
of having to dig
through your mountain of bull
with only a

(Sept. 2014)



It really grosses me out.

JCD Kerwin

I’d really like to know
why all these people
feel the need to eat
ten different times
a day.

As I sit in my cube
(a classy, simple drab-gray),
all I hear is crinkle,
and munch.

Makes me nauseous
when I think
they’re insides must be saying,
“Slow down, please!”

How can you really
completely digest
the oatmeal and bagel
from breakfast,
in time to inhale
a pound of leftover
(Remember to sneak it
your snacks of
chips and cottage cheese.)

I can’t help to wonder
what the hell they eat
for dinner.
No wonder this country
can no longer fit in its jeans.

(Sept. 2014)

Shuffle and Replay

Broken headphones by nessieblack09 (deviantART)

Shuffle and Replay
JCD Kerwin

Sometimes (a lot of the time),
my favorite part
of each day
is when I’m ignoring the world
with tunes.

Because sometimes (a lot of the time),
it’s nice to pretend
I’m not me
and I’m not really sitting here
at all.

(Sept. 2014)