Nomads for Change

Homeless Homonym
JCD Kerwin

My heart beats in another shade of red and
in some other dimension I think
I’m sipping coffee
as a blonde
with a grin as wide
and bottomless
as the mug I must be holding.

Music notes
make my eardrums explode
Over there
maybe they make
me see
symphonies of color.

Over there maybe the mess of mush
slopping against the white hard clay
holding my eyes in place
is where I can become
a permanent fixture
in words I put to paper.


Magic marker paper maker.

I’m the Maker
of legends and dimensions and
somewhere else I think I might
be someone who is free.

I grow nauseous at the sight
of robots.
I’m not sure they know
they’re blinking just the same
as each other.

I want to vomit inside out
and disappear in music notes
made into
India Ink.

Story Time can become Reality TV
for me.
I’d like to be
that Reality TV star.

Nov., 2012


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