It came to me in a rush.
It’s probably not even good.

JCD Kerwin

I’ll stab this pen
a thousand times,
to make my stories
run red with blood.
My heart will look
like a tattered valentine,
but the moon will shine
through its holes
like a billion stars,
ready to dance,
in time,
with your heartbeats.

March, 2015


Miss You ForthisEver

I have to stop feeling guilty for writing…even when the product turns out like shit.

Miss You ForthisEver
JCD Kerwin

Tell me when it’s over,
when all the parties end
and no one’s left around.

Lift the mask
so I can see
the way
the moon reflects your soul.

I’ve been sleeping,
at warp-speed for
as long as I can remember.

I wish stars did shine
like diamonds.

Tell me when it’s over;
just tell me when I’ve got
your lightning
in my arms.

(Aug. 2014)


Yeah brah, I’m mad.

JCD Kerwin

If you say this “dream” is “cute”
one more time,
I promise I
will bite your hand.
I will listen to
the voices
in my head
and snap,
like the snarling,
yipping monster in my head.

Think it’s all a game to me?
Hold out your hand;
I’ve got a shinning knife.
I love Roulette.

You think I wanted to
all these bottles,
after bottles
of ink
into rivers;
crumple all the pages,
light them up,
watch them burn like
they were only meant
for kindling?
(Use your own damn bones;
they’re cold and brittle enough
to go
up in a snap.)

I drone enough
like a wind-up toy
(I’m sure of it),
but when you’re sure
it’s going to pour,
you tend to roar
like hurricanes.

I make ground shake
with my reverberating lexis;
I scream my voice into the earth
like its made of stone.
I’ll make my mark
like a cave painting—
you’ll hear me in
10,000 years,
singing like the buffalo.

Don’t think I won’t
carve myself
into your heart.
You’ll speak my words aloud but
the voice you’ll hear
is mine.
It’ll rumble like volcanoes;
I’ll shine through you
like a billion exploding stars.

Call me crazy, but
to kill my monsters
(to kill all your monsters)
I gotta stab this sword into
the gut of all Eternity.
And it all begins with you;
saving the world
begins with you.

(January, 2014)

Fire Power

This is what happens when I’m the only sober person left in a bar.

…I can’t decide if it’s desperate or just plain corny.

Please ignore the silly punctuation.

Fire Power
JCD Kerwin

You are born with your eyes blazing;
a thousand summers, shining,
like fireflies in the night;
a billion supernovas gasping for a breath;
just once
upon this earth,
and then you shatter,
skip a beat,
and explode
like those lightening bugs
bursting into stardust—
a cold, August night.

(September 2013)

City of Angels

“City of Angels-City of Light” by M Bleichner (acrylic)

El-ay, El-ay
JCD Kerwin

I want Hollywood and a high-rise,
palm trees and SoCal skies.
Wish I could slam beats
into sand
and scream songs
with my eyes closed.
I want the glitter and glam
of rock stars
I wish that I could be.

Wanna walk down streets
reciting poems,
and write stories
in cabanas,
sipping coffee without a coat.
Wish I could stare at stars,
and talk all night with friends
in Santa Barbara bars.
I want to skip across the water,
and tightrope the suspension
of the San Francisco bridge.
Wish I could run across
the country,
leave the mirror behind
and never buy another

(Dec. 2010, rev. Aug. 2013)

About this…I’m not saying I want to up and leave to California.

This is about the fact I have, and have always had, a “travel bug” in me. Ever since I was a kid. I think a lot of writers do. Kinda goes back to the fact we’re all dreamers. I’m an explorer. Always wanted to see and do everything I could. Explore the world…Fight monsters…Slay dragons…All that.

You know what I mean.